We are looking forward, after a year of living in other people's houses, with our family spread on separate continents, to being together again this summer - moving in to a home of our own, once again in America. Before we left for South Africa in early 2008, we looked around our home and realized that most of our furniture and "stuff" wasn't that important to us and, not knowing what our next few years held, we made the decision to share it forward instead of hoarding it in a storage facility to sit unused. We only kept a few sentimental things. The rest was given away. Now we find ourselves in that moment we knew would come. The one where we are returning to America and need to build a home again. Maybe you have an item or two you aren't using and could give to help us get started... 

washing machine (and eventually a dryer)
bookshelf for office
futon (Maddie's room)
men's mountain bike (Harrison)
sauce/stock pots (preferably stainless steel)
pie and baking dishes / mixing bowls
kitchen gadgets (measuring cup, blender,  mixer, wooden spoons, cheese grater, all that stuff)
DVD player

king bed frame 
queen bed frame
toaster oven
iron/ironing board
1 dresser
outdoor furniture
comfy chair

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