to join us

We are funded by individuals from around the world wanting to be a part of the beautiful and the difficult here in South Africa & Burundi and dropping a little bit of money into our "bucket" every month. All the little bits add up to provide us with the opportunity to live and give generously into our community here.

we are partnered with the missions organization CTEN based out of Kerrville, TX- you can reach our profile to read more about them or us or make an online donation by clicking HERE

- or-
checks can be written to CTEN
(designate them to our family somehow)
 mailed to   CTEN    PO Box 291307  Kerrville, TX 78029-1307

or use PAYPAL to donate directly into our account 
(sorry, no tax deductions)

The past three years have been amazing and it's been humbling and fabulous to see us all joining together to provide a platform for our family to live and work and give generously into this community. With the new move to Burundi,  we are needing 15 more people to join us with a pledge of $40 in a one year commitment. 
Ask your book club to read a book about poverty or micro finance - let me suggest Banker to the Poor - and then together become part of a larger family feeding in to the situations here. Approach your local church and engage those around you in the story. I am happy to provide you with printed material for you to share with a group inside your community. By giving into our family, you literally provide us the opportunity to live in Burundi. You are a valuable part of the work and life we do here. It's your community too - we are all bridged together.


current needs, wishes and dreams

** Billy, the IT guy's computer is limping. He got it early in 2007 and it has been invaluable to us on the field- especially here in Burundi where he does IT work all day. A new computer to meet his needs will cost around $1200

** As we are looking ahead to our probable transition back to living in the US, we would love to attend a 1 week "reentry" retreat for people who have spent long seasons in cross cultural missions. The retreat is hosted by the same organization we joined with before we left for South Africa in 2007 and found such great value in.  MTI out of Colorado Springs area. The total cost for our family will be near to $3000. 

** we have committed to paying for the education of a small boy Trace was working with in South Africa. If anyone knows the story of Samkelo, and wants to join us in this venture, we'd love to share the joy.

**we are believing in faith for God to meet a couple needs in our church in South Africa - three buses to provide transportation for people in the outlying areas who currently battle to make it to church because of transportation costs - an outpouring of food to feed the over 200 children and adults Bethany House Trust has been given care of every day - a new church building on our property so the children (who have outgrown their hall) can move into the current sanctuary and the adults (who are outgrowing our hall) can move into the new building. We also need more office spaces to accommodate all the counseling, classes, administration, the small school, tutoring and other projects constantly running throughout the week. And lastly, we don't need, but want, new sound equipment and microphones...

** Madi needs a small surgery to cut out a hard knot she has growing on her wrist. Unfortunately, it has grown aggressively and deep, so it will require full surgery complete with an outpatient hospital stay and a surgeon who works while she is under anesthetic - right now we don't have the money for something that isn't an emergency, and our travel insurance won't cover it since it's not due to a misfortune from being here...  so we have had to wait and she is getting kind of uncomfortable.

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