24 January 2008

and so here we go....

trace, Avery, Bill(y), Madyline & Harrison

Our little DiCocco family is heading to South Africa to intertwine ourselves into a beautiful community center for a couple years. Bill(y) will be acting as Operations Manager for the center's structure, trace will get to focus on volunteer care and communications while we home-school our kids and learn to love well and get to further practice living out this faith.

Thanks for joining us. We truly believe none of us were meant to live life alone and becuase of that, we treasure your presence on this journey.


  1. so true.
    did you read chris' story? I think I'm going to make it into a very cluttery tshirt design and wear it when I'm sad.

  2. i just came to the bottom of your blog and saw my name followed by my words. i don't know what to say trace. thanks for letting me share in some small way, in this journey of yours.

  3. Hey Trace!
    Was just thinking about you and so stopped for a minute to pray. You're pictures are awesome. I am so sick and tired of winter here. It is quite possibly the most miserable winter in recent memory! You picked a good time to move to South Africa! LOL
    Miss you and your family.

    Mike Yoder


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