29 January 2008

it's a New York City kind of day

Goodbyes in Grand Rapids were made a little easier knowing that Jen and Brian would be visiting us in for a day NYC before we left the states. Brian had meetings all day so Jen and I wandered about, poking in and out of little shops and enjoying a New York kind of day.

(my gluten free, chocolate icing filled, cookie sandwich. Oh thank you Risotteria!)

at the end of the day, after being courted by many restaurant hosts with serenading and calls of "bella, bella, come, I will take good care of you" and promises of free drinks and homemade gnocchi... we chose a delightful place to sit and share a meal long in to the night.

And here we stood on the bridge for a long time, watching the sun go down over New York City. Far off you could hear the noise of the city, past the layers of ducks clucking evening words, and wind slipping through the bare trees and people occasionally walking past deep where all you can hear are crunch of their shoes on the cold stone and the murmured tones of their voices. We had our own conversations on that bridge... the kind where you talk and you share your heart, and then you simply sit in silence because you don't want to break the enchantment of the moment.
Good night dear friends. We love you deeply.


  1. And we love you too! We're back home now, which will not be quite the same without you, but hey, the tomorrows of our journeys aren't supposed to be the same, right?
    ... or else we wouldn't call today a journey. Journey on dear ones, and journey well; you will.

    ~ a forever memory etched into our hearts ~ to have been in the city with you, to "just be"
    ~ mmmm, sweet, like honey and masala chai-jen style...

  2. yeah, that's it, that's exactly how it was, you and me pouring our sweetness all over NYC, ha!

    so, I'm thinking...why didn't we scoop out the yummy insides of the nut after the milk

  3. oh yeah... call it an oversight... or cold fingers and woolen gloves.


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