28 April 2008


This past week, Nestle gave us a large donation of nutrition drinks for the kids' lunches in the after care program. They asked for some feedback... so we decided to document the afternoon and give them a proper report. I don't really have a story to write to them about their donation. The children, every last one of them, took the tins of milk home to show their parents. But you guys, taking these images, for a purpose again... gave me fresh air in my lungs. As much as I fuss, I truly am a photographer... I love doing journalistic work. I was a little heavy on the saturation with these... I think I was just in a celebratory mood when I processed them... bright colors are always joyful and Emthonjeni is a place of joy.


  1. really enjoyed these photos...

  2. love it.

    (it's hard to Not like Nestle when I see these photos. blast.)

  3. nice work trace. these tell the story well.

    - chris

  4. You are super talented. I hope you know that.

  5. yes, dear, you truly are a photographer


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