07 May 2008

South Africa is actually a place

So a friend of ours was researching shipping options for Billy's new computer battery we had to order... apparently UPS didn't realize South Africa is really a place .....

so trying to ship out the package has been an adventure! I was calling around trying to get rates and see who would be the least expensive- one conversation i had went a little something like this

me: i need to send a package to south africa
UPS: ok... what country?
me: south Africa
UPS: well you said that, but what country?
me: well the one at the very south of africa that is called south africa
UPS: if you can't tell me where it is going i will not be able to help you
I hung up

South Africa is really a place. I was just thinking the other day that maybe I didn't tell you before we left... but we do have an address and any time you feel like drawing us a picture or writing us a love note or pressing daffodil petals between your journal pages and sending them to us, we'd love the mail! I know for a fact that a letter through the US post office costs .90cents - care packages cost a bit more, but we all have wishes if anyone wants to organize a box. More than that though, is just your love. And thanks for sharing that so freely.

DiCoccos @ Emthonjeni
PO Box 1658
Fairlands 2030
South Africa


  1. ha -laughing all over again at that silly boy who needed to spend a bit more time paying attention in geography class!

    is the pkg there safe and sound yet?

  2. What kinds of things would you guys like....is there any thing that the kids are really really missing, that they would love to have?? Give me some ideas...and I'll get a care package together!!!!!



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