27 June 2008

it's the last day of holiday club

We went and visited Madyline last night at the base camp (actually, we went to deliver a few bags of microwave popcorn to her and the girls... a request from the land of the teenagers). Played a few hands of card with her and her friends. It was good to see her for a minute... it is so hectic for those few minutes I am there at the beginning and end of holiday club each day, I barely get to hug her neck before she is off again with her group (that swelled to 36!). She told me last night that Simpewe has been hanging out with her during the day - which makes all of us happy. (remember? Simpewe is the manager of GoLang at Emthonjeni... she's the one in the middle in the picture from the first day). Thanks for your prayers... it's been a beautiful week - tough - but amazingly beautiful. For us personally, and for these 700+ kids.
Next week I'll show you pictures of my time out with the home health care workers. See you then!

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