07 July 2008

Happy Birthday Emthonjeni

Friday, while ya'll were celebrating the birthday of our country with watermelon and ice cream and streamers and sparklers (you did all that, right? I dreamed of you all day)... we had our own kind of party... a birthday for Emthonjeni. Six years of serving in to the community of Zandspruit. Six years of job creating and training. Six years of health services, children's programs, practical and bible studies to guide people in their own journey through this life and into the heart of Christ. Six years of mentoring locals and training them to take our places in the daily running of the center. Six years of joy and safety and togetherness.

Today, I am writing a thank you to the lady who donated a cake to the celebration...
I think these will do just fine... don't you?

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  1. This is adorable.

    Oh.My.Word. Just adorable.


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