18 August 2008

Back at Emthonjeni

I'm back in South Africa again ... and so glad to be with my family, and here in Africa. I left Johannesburg homesick for Grand Rapids and somewhere along the journey through Spain, I realized there are parts of Johannesburg that I have come to love as well... I was homesick for both places while I was away.

That might not sound like a big deal to you.. but it was incredible for me to recognize.

The kids and Billy and I spent lots of couch time over the past few days.... telling stories and reading stories and eating pasta (mmmm... how I craved carbohydrates while I was away in gluten land) and snuggling tightly making all sorts of promises to never let go.

I had a lot of time to pray while I was walking miles and miles and miles each day (we walked over 250Km in less than two weeks). Pray and listen and wonder and dream and be silent and feel God's presence and argue a little with Him when what I heard Him say didn't quite match what I thought He should be saying. And relax into this reality... . His ways are not always our ways.
"For my thoughts are not your thoughts,
neither are your ways my ways," declares the LORD.
"As the heavens are higher than the earth,
so are my ways higher than your ways
and my thoughts than your thoughts. "

I came home with a better understanding of my place in this season... and of my God no matter the season. Now comes the difficult moments of putting it together in real life. Again, saying "yes" to what God asks of me for today... even when it doesn't make sence. Yes, I will homeschool my kids. Yes, I will write three pages every day. Yes, I will find a new church. Yes, I will give myself a break from all these expectations. Yes, I will be intentional with my listening so I can continue to say "yes" to whatever God asks... every day.


  1. Welcome home! What wonderful thoughts to read as we're cramming the last few things into our own backpacks, for our own adventure...thanks for reminding me to listen to God amidst the hubbub of the next two weeks; I'm hoping he'll tell me something specific while on the London Eye, wouldn't that be fantastic? :) Can't wait to see some pictures, and also jealous that you went to Spain, and I'll have no opportunity to practice my Spanish! Gah, you can't win them all.

  2. yes, dearest... welcome home. Cannot wait to hear more...

    and I miss you so much

    thanks for the picture of you today :)

  3. Trace,
    So glad that you are home with family, but I'm also proud of you for taking this leap into adventure. And happy for the blessings it gave you.

    Now, enjoy your time, but know that for us Beasleys, November and your visit can't come quickly enough :)

    adam (and christy and fam.)

  4. love following your adventures. the other day watching home videos with kids from MTI- watching line dancing.. Missing and loving you. long for the day to BE with you all again. Maybe with our LORD! we will see. serving with you in the same hemisphere! FYI:#3 in December!

  5. my beloved Spain....so glad you got to enjoy it!

  6. Loved your update! I am so happy that the Lord has been answering your prayers the way he has. Trace - your pictures are amazing! Doug Harkless


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