02 December 2008

I know, it's been a long long time...

We have been enjoying a long visit in the States... a huge whirlwind of family and friends and snow and autumn leaves and Target and Dr. Pepper and pink whip creamed drinks at Kava House. We got to go on long walks, play at playgrounds, go trick or treating, hang out in our pajamas all day and dress up for fancy parties. We were invited to share stories in homes and churches and a high school. We got to listen to stories from people we love dearly... and hopefully it seemed that we are still so close even across the ocean. We enjoyed parties and coffees and dinners. Friends spent the entire month planning a huge art benefit for our last weekend in Michigan, and it was amazing. We loved on new babies and cried with friends in the hospital and celebrated an engagement. My grandmother, Madyline, died and I couldn't make it to her funeral even though I was on the same continent. The kids played for uninterrupted hours with their cousins, had sleepovers, went to movies. Billy went camping with his guys and hit a deer on the way up, totalling Brian's car. Harrison and Jim taught at church about doing what you were created to do and Madyline had raw meat taped on to her arm in front of 200 jr. highers. We fed longhorn cattle and went to the annual hayride at Texas North and elected a new president. We got to go to the library and read all the books we wanted. We got to go to our own church. I was able to sing on the worship team and soak in all that means. We were given beautiful gifts and hugs and smiles and encouragement... and able to give a few of our own as well.
On Saturday we fly back to our home in South Africa and even though we are not ready to leave our family here, we are very ready to arrive back with our family there. Each DiCocco kid has mentioned things they are looking forward to in Johannesburg . I think we are all feeling it... it's time to go home. In many ways our hearts are divided between the two worlds we love... but we are realizing that the division hasn't broken our hearts in two pieces - it has just wrestled around and stretched out and is busy figuring out a way to wrap it's arms around both of our worlds to pull them together into one lumpy hand-knit form.
We'll be home on Sunday... and we'll see you from there.
We love you


  1. and long horns and hayrides... I can't even believe I forgot to say long horns and hayrides. sigh. I miss you too Miss Katie. Will you come to Africa?

  2. I miss you too...and I didn't get a chance to say good-bye. I'm sorry.

    You are on our hearts always.

  3. i'm so glad we got to hang...too short, but so blessed despite...

    travel safely, my loves, and Billy, keep that foot outta yo mouth! ;)


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