13 February 2009

so the story I heard goes like this. One day, Sharon was driving to work, past the squatter camp in Princess Crossings and saw a small child sitting in a suitcase along the side of the busy road. She said "God, someone needs to do something about all the children in that settlement."

A few days later, again on her way to work, she saw two tiny children walking hand in hand along the busy road, totally alone. And again, she said "God, why doesn't someone do something good in this place? These kids need someplace safe to be. Someone to care about them."

A third time she drove past on her way to work and again, noticed the children , and again, repeated her frustrated prayer "God, why dont' you send someone to care about these kids?" and God answered her...." I have... you are here."
Sharon started a preschool on the edge of this informal settlement 5 years ago with 40 of those children... her center now loves into 150 kids every day - and last week, when I visited her, she said there had been moms lined up that morning trying to get their kids in to the creche - when she had to turn them away (she doesn't have enough teachers right now even for the kids they have) some of the moms went around to the back of the property and tried to slip their kids through the slit in the fence.
The children at this preschool ran at me with open arms anticipating being scooped up and hugged. They smiled and sang cheerful "hellos". They adored their school, their teachers, and my camera. They had a trust and a confidence that could only have been provided by a nurturing environment... one much different than being alone , playing in an empty suitcase on the side of a busy road.

All because Sharon dared to listen to what God was speaking into her on her way to work one morning.
What might God have spoken into your daily routine lately?

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