04 April 2009

Thanks for letting me muss....

and thanks for your words and encouragement and love. I know we will struggle. I know we are still good. It was pretty beautiful, the week after I was fumbling through all these thoughts and emotions, I took Avery to Emthonjeni one afternoon. Again, I was playing photographer and again, she was left to fend for herself a little bit. When I found her, she was playing the sandbox with the preschoolers... having a ball. Later in the car she said "I really like playing with the little kids. We don't have to worry about talking to each other. They just like to play without worrying about who I am." And I said "Siyabonga Baba Unkalunkalu" (Thank you father God) because her heart is resilient and finds it's places of joy and peace.

(and she gets a little help with her homework along the way)

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  1. Look at that perfect picture of kids just being kids...together....it's beautiful! Love to Avery! And the rest of the gang!



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