20 May 2009

a settlement school

First off, please forgive my delay... our internet has been down for weeks now. I"m taking advantage of a brief moment of connectivity to show you one more school.

This one was tucked way back on a lot after we snaked our way through the winding roads of an informal settlement. A few hundred children gather each day. A couple big sheds and a series of empty shipping containers are their classrooms - most of them having to sit on the floor or in the few broken chairs.

The teachers said "We just started this school because none of the kids were being taught. They just needed some place to go. Now we are back here and the school is so big. Show these pictures to people so they'll know we are back here and come help us. "

The same literacy program that I was visiting the other schools with, is starting a program in this little school as well, so these children will begin to get extra help with their reading. There is also an organization that has begun to build proper cement classrooms for them. All good stories. But there are still so many obstacles for them to overcome.

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