29 June 2009

The first day of Holiday Club

I've decided that I take entirely too long to post lately... so I'm going start something new... Monday, Wednesday and Friday I'll have at least a photo for you to look at if not a story to go with. And today is actually a post in real time.

Today started our annual holiday club. For those of you who recieve our monthly e-letters... you know all about it. 600+ township kids bussed in from around the area. 60+ teenage leaders spending the week together in the dorms at a local high school - kind of like a mission trip in their own town.

I get to head up the art room this year... which means 150 kids coming through in an hour every single day. We have two projects to cycle through - a pop-bottle aquarium and then they go on to free painting... I adore these kids. 150 in 60 minutes is a bit hectic. But I adore these kids.

Madyline has a group of second graders this year - she has them all walking like penguins and dancing like mad. Our theme this year is Under the Sea - even though South Africa is bordered on three sides by the ocean, most of these kids have never experienced the sea - or even live fish for that matter. Our biggest hope is to give these kids a week of fun that is saturated with God's love and truth.... and lots of hugs for each little one.


  1. Wow, that's Bill Jr. in that last picture - if only the hooded sweatshirt said 'Reebok'

  2. it's so crazy... people say that all the time and i just don't see it. I suppose I should be giddy though since I think Billy is such a cutie.


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