22 July 2009

the great caper

So, this news is a couple weeks old - but I thought I'd share it with you today because I realized with everything else happening - I haven't told you yet.

So, it was Wednesday morning during Holiday Club - 6:00 in the morning - when we get a phone call from the center manager - Jane. We had gotten broken in to in the middle of the night. Apparently the guys tore through the thatch roof and tried to lower themselves through the ceiling of the small outbuilding we use as a computer center. The alarm went off and they were so spooked, they ran out, leaving their tools behind... which we thought was quite generous of them. Who ever heard of thieves who break in and LEAVE you a present instead of taking anything.

On Saturday morning, the call came again. This time the thieves knew what to expect. They jammed the lock on the front gate so the security company could not get in... and came in through the back fence. We have a computer center upstairs in the main house - so they climbed the two story roof and again ripped through the thatch- this time they had enough time to choose the four best computer towers we had - and leave again the way they came - before anyone was able to be on the scene. It's really sad in so many ways. We are here to serve into this community - these guys stole from themselves really -

We don't exactly have a plan to replace the four stolen towers yet. We work for a non-profit non-government organization in an urban shanty town in Africa. Good, working computers are not usually the ones that get donated when we start asking. And until we have the funding to replace the entire thatch roof (which we need to do for weather reasons anyway, it is a very old roof), we cant' be certain it won't happen again. You can pray with us that these dilemmas, and so many more, find solutions.

this is the thatch roof getting fixed again - but imagine being the guys doing something exactly like this, with four computer towers, in the middle of the pitch black night.

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