13 July 2009

Welcome Home

I'm in a pinch... so I'll simply post a couple of pictures here and tell you that we had an amazing time in the African bush...

we camped an hour from the front gate... and a 15 minute drive from the next campsite (although even that was empty). We were truly alone. It was stunning.
Vacations are always too short - but we were absolutely able to rest and be spoiled by nature and forget everything but the moment for a few days.

I'm working on a longer story to come out in email form...

this week we've jumped back in (between piles of laundry) and are hosting Winter School at Emthonjeni for 4,5,6,and 7th graders.... aka: Multiplication Camp

Harrison and I are leading a group of 5th graders (kids we usually tutor on Thursday afternoons anyway - it's nice to continue building relationship this way). I'll have pictures later. I'm still trying to get caught up on Botswana. How about this... Wednesday , more Botswana pictures and then Friday you can see all the joy of Multiplication camp.
off to deliver some caramel corn to a friend... night

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