19 August 2009

Glitter finger and dancing toes

Today Avery and I had an appointment with the preschool kids at Emthonjeni's own GoLang preschool. We were asked to create a portrait of each individual child.

It's so funny, these are the same kids that crowd in front of anyone's camera - posing and giggling and being as silly as a four year old can be... but they must have been told that school pictures are important, because I had to tickle the formality out of most of them.

These are the sweetest bunch of children I have met here... each one eager to love and be loved. Each one secure in who God made him to be. I adore going and listening to them sing their worship songs, or recite their bible verses for the week. The walls of their shipping container turned classroom are covered with colorful projects from the units they have studied. And each time you enter the creche's gates, you immediately get mobbed with hugs and leaving means seeing forty little faces and hands waving "goodbye! Come again!".
We've visited some of the other daycares in Zandspruit - some are really well run... others are no more than a tiny room filled with children, packed so tightly there isn't even room to crawl around... children just staring at you with vacant eyes. I've heard that at some of these day cares... the children are actually given meds to keep them drowsy and managable.

I'm so thankful for the insight and passion of the beautiful women who had a vision for a preschool on Emthonjeni's campus. Thanks to them... and the hard work of the local teaching staff (who had to go through the tough process of being certified through Play with a Purpose)... forty children in our community get to be safe and healthy and learn about God's love for them... and I'm just lucky enough to get to sneak in for a hug and a song.
Back to editing... I have a long way to go.

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