12 February 2010

Digital Doorway

Today was a pretty special day - we've been excited for a long time about the possibility of offering computer accessibility to everyone in our community. That's a bit easier to dream than to make happen though. With an estimated 70,000 people in Zandspruit - how do you create a completely open machine for kids and adults both to explore and discover and learn? The leaders at Monash University have partnered with Meraka to install a "Digital Doorway" on our campus. A three-sided virtually indestructable machine filled with educational games & information set up inside our gates, but open for anyone to access. Today we got to celebrate with representatives from everywhere who have all had a hand in making this dream a reality. The kids have been playing with it for a week or two already. My little friend Joshua was excitedly explaining how much fun the new computer is. I asked him what kind of stuff you could do on it - and he said "Oh, you know... math games and stuff." That must be a good system - even math games are super fun.

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