15 March 2010

- fifteen -

So, these pictures are actually from yesterday - but they were too fun to not show you.

Sunday afternoons are just a time to enjoy each other and relax over here. I've told you before, we usually end up gathering whoever is standing around after church and head over to our house. We have a couple people we can usually count on - and others who come and go. Anyone is welcome -there is always enough for one more ... no matter how many "one mores" there ends up being... the only thing we ask is that you really just rest and rejuvinate for the coming week. There is usually a movie running, people playing outside, conversations starting up in all corners of the house, dinner cooking, a game of cards started - Sundays are good days at our house.

Yesterday, we squeezed 9 into the car and a couple more came later - Madi was on my lap in the front - I tried to take a picture of all of us snuggled in our own "taxi" with our Sunday groceries on our laps (or at our feet since my lap was full)... but I kept on only getting Grace and half of my own self (and a reflection of Billy in my glasses - too cute). No matter where I held out the camera - the same shot. Made me laugh.

This is Grace's son, Mlamleli (maybe I spelled that right) - they don't live far from us - and every so often he'll wander in nonchalantly - check out what the kids are doing - politely play with the dog or have a snack - but he's lingering... because what he really wants , is to take on Billy in a game of UNO till his mom calls and asks us to send him back home. So. Much. Fun.

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