24 March 2010

- twenty four -

- this image isn't exactly from today... today I was blissfully hanging laundry and baking trail bars and drinking David Rio chai (secret stash only mom gets to have) and listening to Francis Chan on podcasts - when I got sideswiped by an enormous head ache. I didn't figure you'd want to see pictures of me lying on the couch in dull agony with Harrison trying to acupuncture my headache away (that didn't really happen - well, I mean, some of it didn't really happen) - so I thought instead I'd show you another picture that goes along with yesterday's.
We eat pap with our hands - remember I told you how before ... make a little ball of pap with your hand, press an indent with your thumb to make it look like a boat - and scoop up your sauce. Sometimes the sauce is a tomatoe and onion and garlic. Sometimes it is chakalaka - a curry vegetable sauce with a fabulous kick. This is good food. Really good food. You need to come visit us just so you can have this food.
Dang, now I want chakalaka. We are having lasagna over here tonight - made with zucchini instead of pasta to make it safe for all us gluten free kids... that should be good too.... Although it would be a little hard to eat with our hands.

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