21 April 2010

The Equalizing Power of UNO

You've heard me say before that we play a lot of UNO in Africa. No matter language differences or skill levels, it's a game everyone can join in on..... color or number.... somehow everyone has fun. In Zimbabwe it was no different and we played epic UNO marathons - sometimes with as many as a dozen Shona speaking kids all playing with cards showing and everyone helping everyone else. We played with the family - with adults and neighbors and cousins - it's a way to engage without having to just sit and smile at each other after we've used up all six Shona phrases we know. Our UNO deck stayed in Zimabwe with one of the teenagers we especially had a good time with. We'll find another. And the UNO legacy will continue onward. . You know, I think I'll make sure that my gift to everyone going cross culturally is a deck slipped into their back pack. Who knew? What a funny little tool to earn a way into someone's life.

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