08 April 2010

how much sugar cane can one person eat?

we never found the answer to that question because the sugar cane feast never completely ended. We picked it in all the areas we stayed...leaving a trail of leaves and pulp behind like a trail of breadcrumbs. Once, as we were driving down a rural road a small boy flagged us down, reaching out to our car he handed us two stalks he had been carrying. We gave him two cherry suckers. Almost a fair trade. About half a kilometer down the road, a woman sitting in a field called out in Shona - Everest answered her and then excused himself to take off walking back the way we had come. 20 minutes later he returned with the small boy - and 8 or 10 canes for us to enjoy on our travels.

It was a fun treat... the kids learned how to tell if a stalk is ripe and ready to bring down. Billy learned how to peel the husk back with his teeth - and how easily it can cut your lip to shreds. We brought back a few of the larger, woodier stalks from one area we visited to plant at Everest's mom's house. We watered them well and prayed - for the sugar cane to grow- for the rains to come - for each of our families , and for the way God has woven us together. We praised God for His provision and His creativity and how He gets into every little crevice and brings his light. And we prayed for Zimbabwe and South Africa and America and how we are all linked together.

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  1. I suddenly missed the farm! I really like those sugarcane fresh from the farm.


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