28 June 2010

our own kids

I realized that if you are not connected with me on facebook but you do come here to dicoccoville, you didn't get to see all the fabulous stuff that happened over at own kid's holiday camp the first week of World Cup school break.

Hundreds of kids came tumbling on to our campus - and with 100+ teenage leaders and a good handful of general leaders - we were ready with our arms wide open. A local school held a "sock-er" drive and donated enough new pairs of socks for each child to have... which was fabulous since even though it was only 40F all week many kids had no socks on their little feet. Africa Food for Thought provided meals every day - full on meals- boiled eggs, hamburgers, sandwiches, hot dogs, even sweets for dessert. And we provided the fun. Games, songs, Madi dancing in a chicken suit, bible stories, jumping castles. Because of some stunning generosity by YOU slipping funds into my paypal account, I was able to provide all the kids with materials to make fabulous art projects. Everyone made a "fan hat" and then the smaller ones made bracelets out of bells and sports beads. Older girls learned to make bracelets knotting embroidery thread - and the older boys got to make finger soccer stadiums.

Thanks for joining in. For making this place your own. For giving these kids the smile that is on their face. I know everyone says "We couldn't have done it without you" but I'm completely serious when I say it. Funding isn't enough for Billy and I to underwrite all we'd love to do. Your stepping in made the difference between crafts they could create and take home... or coloring pictures. We have materials left over (you never know how many to plan for) so this week we are going to take our craft project out into the area like a traveling road show.

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