12 July 2010

just a little bit every day

More than anything else we do... we get to love here in South Africa. While Billy is busy in the grown up world of community development, the kids and I are playing and loving and tutoring and singing and telling stories with little ones. Piles of little ones. Irrisistable little ones.

My aunt is here visiting and she, being an early ed teacher, shares our love for children so we've been hanging around a lot of kids these two weeks. We had left over craft supplies from our own Holiday Club and decided what better to do than make it in to a traveling crafty road show. It's been a special couple of weeks. We'll do it one more time tomorrow before she hops on a plane to go home again. And even more special... she has a video camera and remembers to use it! So.. for today's post... enjoy a song we snuck up upon - but pretend it is just for you.

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