16 July 2010

precious hope

So as of this week, my mom and dad have an etsy shop. They are making beautiful beaded lanyards and cancer awareness bracelets. My mom tells a precious story about when she was first diagnosed with cancer - the news was not only big and scary, but with it came the realization that they immediately had to pack up and leave their home in Sicily to come to MI for treatment (which also meant leaving their job and income and insurance). All the sudden changes were overwhelming at best.

A friend in Sicily, who is a cancer survivor, took a bracelet right off her own arm to give to my mom - saying that someone had given it to her when she was diagnosed as well. It was a gesture that sunk deeply into my mother's heart.

Now, my mom is making these same bracelets to share with others who want to support the people they love who are dealing with this ugly disease... and it seems like cancer has effected so many of us lately. Take a pause - a deep breath - and pray for someone you know who is living with cancer right now - for someone whose heart is tied to a loved one battling cancer - for someone who is grieving the loss of a dear one who has finished fighting.

and maybe you might want a bracelet to give, to share, to wear, to celebrate, to remember.

(and here's a picture of my super cute dad too - Hi Dad!!)

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