12 October 2010

over the weekend

Even with a raging fever that seems to let up just enough for me to think I'm better enough to go ahead with my plans... only to kick me down as soon as I pause... we've had an packed full long weekend.
early childhood clinic at Oasis in Cosmo City

"feel better" flowers Avery picked for me...

I think from the neighbor's yard, but we aren't saying anything.

informal swim class. Ever since Lauren came and we hosted a real swim class, all the kids we know are scheeming for ways to learn to swim as well. I'm not sure we learned all we need to know... but we had lots of fun.

and... Madi and Morne' at his matric farewell dance (prom)

Plus, a long walk around Cosmo City with a homebased care team. Those photos being processed soon. Lots of Mythbusters and Glee on DVD... Koala Crisp cereal with strawberries (my "I'm sick" comfort food)... gluten free pizza at a new favorite place -Dopio Zero- naps - and cold washcloths. Hoping today is the end of the feverish aches. Tomorrow is new.

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