22 December 2010

Dikeledi's Christmas memories

Today’s edition of movies at the dicocco’s is one of three Pinky, Dikeledi and I took today hanging out in the living room talking about Christmas traditions. The files are so big, it has taken me all evening to get this one online – but I thought it would be fun for you to get to meet my friend, Dikeledi. If you have talked to me any time in the last three years, you’ve no doubt heard me talk about DK. She is one of my bestest here. It's kind of fun for me to get to share her with you in a way you can kind of get to know her - her voice, her movements- a little instead of just still images. Kind of like you are here with us in the living room.

In the clip before (which I’ll still try to get online if I can get it to work) she talks about what she did as a child on Christmas day. One of my favorite things she said was that the children all get dressed up and hold in informal parade down the neighborhood streets – stopping in at each house to show off their outfits and to dance and to eat Christmas cupcakes. Each family buys an enormous bag of flour (like 20 pounds!) and bakes biscuts and cakes all week – because they know they will have lots of people to share with come Christmas. I don’t know that the Michigan winter provides a great atmosphere for door to door parades… but I love that tradition. I love celebrating and dancing and singing and including the entire neighborhood.

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