08 December 2010

the introduction of Wednesdays at the movies

Well, I am a photographer to be certain... but I have never quite caught on to the beautiful talents required for video-graphy. The skills are quite different apparently because I enjoy one and am incompetent at the other. BUT, one of Avery's favorite things to do is home videos that my dad converted to DVD for us last year. I had a video camera when the kids were small, but for the past 5 years or so, have done very little movie making. I realized I will miss out on a lot of memories if I don't get over myself and take that video anyway. Lately, I've been using the video button on my camera (a canon 7d if you are interested in those kinds of things) - but the files are so huge, I haven't a clue how to actually watch the movies I've recorded. But at least I have them captured somewhere... right?

Well, this morning I dove in and figured out how to re size these massive files and post to YouTube (i know, I'm only 10 years late to the game) And today I officially declare Wednesdays in DiCoccoville "Movie Day". You pop the popcorn - I'll cut up some limes for our Cokes.

To begin our independent short film series... an impromptu song that sprung up on the evening of our opening reception for the Oasis Experience Exhibition. One of the many, many, many reasons I love living in South Africa so dearly - music and dance are just part life and culture and everydays.

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