25 January 2011


I've introduced you to Kingsway school before. I was invited to photo document their story last year to get ready for a big fundraising push.
See, Kingsway is a fabulous private christian school geared for kids who live in places like Zandspruit. When I tutor in Zandspruit, the difference in the kids from Kingsway and the kids from the local primary school is clear. The kids from my tutoring classes last year who went to the local government school - grade 6s - many couldn't' read past simple beginning readers -many of them didn't even understand the concept of multiplication. Double digit addition was as far as they were comfortable. Kids in Kingsway were working on fractions and decimals. Learning science and culture. Proud of themselves and respectful in their classrooms.
We are so excited that Kingsway wants to build a school inside Zandspruit to accommodate even more of our children. There's a lot of fundraising that needs to happen between now and when they can actually break ground. And we are all looking forward to that day.

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