16 February 2011

Community Ministries

I don't have a fresh video for you this week - so I pulled one out of the deep trenches of my computer. I haven't even watched so many of the videos I've taken - partly because they aren't really good because up until recently , I wasn't even trying to learn how to do this well - and partly because I didn't know how to format those files to be small enough to watch without locking up my whole system (I might be still using a computer we bought in 2003 - you can imagine).

This is from our VBS - we get about 180 kids coming to our church on any given weekend. Many of them walk in or catch the taxis with an older sibling or friend. Some walk in all by themselves. During Holiday Club (VBS) the numbers of children grow to between 700-1000. Insane and lovely.

Our church is this great little place, with a huge heart to really serve the community we are situated in. A few weeks ago, we leaders spent a weeknight praying for all the different programs run by people out of our church. We had slips of papers on tables spread throughout the large room and we were meant to wander to each table, praying as we went. After an hour... Billy and I realized we weren't even around half the room. So many grassroots movements - preschool teacher training -farming god's way - a pregnancy crisis center - a children's home - youth programs - tutoring . It's inspiring in so many ways to see people who are so committed to living out this life of following Jesus that they truly do lay it all out and make things happen.

One thing we really struggle with as a church though, is money. How is it that so many grassroots families (like us) and programs are doing amazing things, but limited because there aren't funds? if God owns everything, I don't understand. Especially when large churches where people sit prettily in their comfortable seats week after week, have money for new fancy buildings and private retreat centers and accessories to make them look even more beautiful ?

Anyway, one thing we really struggle with as a church is money. Money to fund all these amazing initiatives. Money to pay our staff enough that they don't need to double up with outside jobs. Money to take care of our own church family - many of who are in desperate need themselves.

I've been praying lately for three specific things. Maybe you'll join me?
* first is a church bus- actually two buses. This makes me laugh a little because i have visions of our church bus when I was a kid. It would take it's trip around to the poorer neighborhoods and just collect whatever kids happened to be there.Well, we have kids and adults and families and teenagers who would love to be at church from our area, who just need transport. Youth who can't go to a friday night meeting because taxis don't run that late. Kids who can't take a taxi by themselves. I have a friend who often walks the 8 km to get to church on a Sunday.

*second thing I'm praying for is an abundance of funds specifically for us to build a larger church building. Our babies are outgrowing their little baby room - the children have way surpassed fitting well in the building they are in (which is really just one big room - it used to be the old church building) and we need more office spaces for the different programs and professionals who are working out of our church. I'm dreaming of a new building for Sunday mornings - the kids can move into the building we use now, we can build rooms in the smaller hall for office space. Brilliant.

*and the third is more personal. I'm praying for another leader to share the job of worship coordinator with me. Someone who knows music well and has a passion for serving the Lord and training up worshipers. I am loving my role as the "mom" of the worship team (some would say shepherding pastor... but it's a lot like being a mom... which brings so much truth to the statement that being a mom is a ministry all on its own). but as much as I can Shepard a team of worshipers, I can't really be a good musical lead like I feel we need. Pray for this person to walk in with a sparkle in his eye. Will you?


  1. I've been meaning to ask, is there a site you went to that taught you how to format your videos, or did you figure it out yourself? I want to be able to post videos on our blog when we move, but yours is the first "South African" blog where I've seen it done. I am assuming it takes up a lot of bandwidth, but honestly I don't even know what that means : ) I am not very tech minded, so any info you have would be much appreciated!

  2. well, nope. I need to figure it out more... but for now, I just take quicken and hit the button that says "format for the web" . It resizes my huge files into managable ones and then I upload that to youtube. I'm sure there are better ways, and I'd love to figure out how to edit a little - that's all to come.
    Bandwidth is really silly here. We still pay our internet by bandwidth usage - so getting things small is the only way to do it. Billy's got options for unlimited (but very slow) connections. I'm sure he'd love to talk when you get here. He loves tech minded stuff. Well, except video production. :)


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