23 February 2011

just a tiny silly cellphone movie

A couple weeks ago, we had our first rehersal of a new youth band. A band specifically to play on Friday night's for the new youth services. There's Jeff, Ian, Sbonile and Mandla, Lydia, Madi and Blazio - what a great group. On this, their third rehersal together we were laughing at the neighborhood children who were drawn in by the music. They danced for a good hour as the band practiced. That's the power of music. It opens up our spirits to experience. And there's really no other way to live a full, rich life than to let ourselves open to experience it. Sounds simple, but it can be so hard to live out.

In case you are curious - the words to the song ::

Iyo-yo-yo Hlonolofatsa
Iyo-yo Hlonolofatsa
Iyo-yo Hlonolofatsa
Iyo ka lebitso la ntate

(english) Iyo- yo yo bless
Iyo-yo bless
Iyo - yo bless
Iyo - (we bless) in the name of the father

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