08 April 2011

celebrating with Everest

celebrating with Everest - his first term at bible school complete. Everest has been part of our family now for a long time - almost as long as we've lived in South Africa. He's had dreams of working with youth - especially in sports ministry but had to figure out his journey to get to that space. He's been employed at GoLang- the afterschool program for kids in Zandspruit that we also love to hang out with - but I believe God has more for him. And this year, he's had the opportunity to grow further into his dreams. He's been given opportunities to attend bible classes in the mornings and a high-school completion program in the evenings. And yesterday... yesterday he received word that his visa to live and work in South Africa has been approved. A year long process come to a happy completion. We continue to pray for Everest and his journey. Pray for finances and opportunities and support and brain power to complete his classes and spaces for him to be able to live out his dream of running a sports ministry.


  1. I do wish we could have met him while we were there. He is already special to us because he is special to you.

  2. I know Mom. It's so strange the way things worked out. he was there Sunday morning at church, but had to bolt because the taxi was leaving. Then you were so sick, and we camped and the strike in Honeydew. You'll just have to come back again! How's that sound??


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