28 April 2011

CTEN - our mission partners

It's been a while since we've talked about our mission partners (both times I've tried to write this now, my fingers have inadvertantly spelled "mission parents" - could also be true as we have been guided and encouraged by CTEN much in this journey - an organization that is more "family" than protical).

Today's video is one that our "hometeam" pastors put out last year to explain what it is they do. Thier full-time mission is all about pastoring missionary families.
I so identified with much of what they said here... about what it is like being a missionary across an ocean from home - feet in both worlds. Consistantly a mix between lovely and lonely. We are thankful for pastors like Jack and Carol, and the team at CTEN for their commitment to helping God's word go farther and deeper by supporting those of us living it out away from home.

I just thought you'd love to see their hearts - the heart of our mission organization - and meet our pastors. Another step into this journey of understanding.

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