15 April 2011

my boy

So, this week must be about Harrison - with a picture of him on Monday and today as well. What can I say, he's just a super cool kid.

He's the kind of 13 year old boy who snuggles babies in church, chases around preschoolers on the playground, tutors kids his own age on the weekends, and holds intelligent (although somewhat mad-scientist-ish) conversations with adults when the opportunity arises.

He's the kind of 13 year old boy who goes for a run or reads a well-worn Calvin and Hobbes book or works out on the piano when he is frustrated or confused or bored.

He's the kind of kid who is busy writing an epic novel in his spare time; Who volunteers to do hospital visits with his dad; and who doesn't even notice that's he's popular.

He's the kind of 13 year old boy who wakes up in the morning, and before his eyes are even open, he asks "Mom, do you know how you can have all three forms of H2O in a single cup at the same time? " What? Was he dreaming about these things? One of my favorite Harrison early morning musings was when we were camping last year. Avery made a comment about his sleep-talking and he (eyes still closed) just stated please-as-you-may "The reason I talk in my sleep is because my super genius mind is constantly in process mode. Even when I'm sleeping, it is working. Sometimes, it's working on something so great, it just spills out of my mouth. The reason you can't understand what I'm saying is because your mind isn't complex enough to follow."

He's the kind of kid who would rather take a walk, or do a crossword puzzle with his grandma than hide up in his room playing video games (well, most of the time).

And he's the kid who, when they were told they had to do community service hours each term for school, I thought he could just take credit for the hours he already tutors. He wasn't satisfied with that though. "Mom" he says "That's not really community service. That's just... I don't know, it's just what we do." And he chose to spend two Saturdays at the local animal shelter last term to fill his hours instead.

I absolutely forever love this boy. Absolutely.

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  1. Lookin' forward to seeing this "lad of legend" again next week.

    Harrison, you are truly an exceptional young man. Samuel can hardly wait to see you again.

    Good stuff Trace.


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