20 May 2011


So, I was in Zandspruit a few weeks ago, and I glance across the street to see this little cluster of seventh grade boys just hanging out waiting to catch my eye. You know the way 7th grade boys hang back even though they really want to be a part of what is going on. Too cute, but I'd never tell them they are still too cute. They want to be "sick" - which is apparently something good. Sometimes I think "sick" is good too, because it means I get to stay in bed all day and nap and drink hot tea. But I don't' think that's what they mean.

Anyway, I walk over to say hello and after all the greetings,

they say "We want to come to your house"

Now, what in the world would they want to come over for? There's a pool in the house we are staying in now, and I've had them over for swim classes before. I know they loved that, but it's winter here and much too cold to swim. "We just want to visit" says one and another chimes in with "And while we are visiting, we want to sleep over." HA!! I could just die with how fabulously adorable that is.

I'm looking at these photos now and remembering I need to plan that night with their families because really, how many more years, or even months until these 7th grade boys are too "sick" to have relationship with an American missionary - (or adults even).

One of the many moments like this that I'm glad for the relationships we've spent ourselves on here.

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