12 May 2011

Buyela and Matla

Matla is the rural school in our wider community I was at a few weeks ago with the Vulendlela team for a career day. We do a lot with Matla, it's where a lot of our kids from community ministries go to school.

Buyela spent the day visiting classrooms it was quick, 40 minutes to introduce yourself, establish who you are - why you are there - that you are relevant enough to listen to and genuine enough to trust - conversations, questions, the bell rings again and it's time to do it all over again with a new group.

The leaders at the school specifically asked Buyela to talk about sexuality or drugs - the two main issues they deal with at this school - and honestly - with most of the schools in this area. Our kids have too much growing up to do too quickly - especially in areas marked by poverty. Tough decisions to make. Tough examples to follow. But they are good kids. They are real good kids.


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