09 May 2011

the Buyela team

So, last week was super busy over here in dicoccoville - but I'm gonna make it up to ya'll by posting every day this week. really, it's gonna be fun for me because I've got a lot of fun stuff to share.

Last week our church hosted the fabulously talented Buyela team from YFC-SA. A group of 12 college aged students who have chosen to give a year of their lives to traveling the country using dance and drama to earn a way into people's lives and talk about some pretty important stuff. Bullying, drugs, sexuality, hiv/aids, family relationships, fatherlessness - all of these are huge issues in our youth's realities - and all were spoken about with candid-ness, awareness and hope.

I was spoiled to spend a couple of days with them as they presented their programs. The first day in our friend's street shelter. Remember a few weeks ago when the 20 boys were dropped off by police? Same shelter. Ikusasa in Krugersdorp.

The team had a great morning hosting a class with a dozen of the teenage-ish boys who have to come off the streets to live at the Ikusasa. I've been to the shelter a couple times to drop things off or say hello - but spending the entire day there with Anthony and the boys has given me a whole new value to speaking my prayers for that space.

Here's a couple images from those moments... enjoy - and I'll see you tomorrow with the story of my new homeless friend.

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