16 May 2011


Sometimes I don't understand how to cook here in Africa. Even after three years, I still don't really "get" the whole high altitude thing that flattens my cakes or why sometimes when I melt cheese, instead of turning to creamy goodness, it just separates into two separate forms, hard stringy curd and watery milk.

Beans are another mystery. After soaking these all night, they were still hard as... Well, hard as dried beans. So I put them on the stove top with a little baking soda (a high altitude trick I learned) and within 20 minutes, turned around to find this slathering cauldron boiling over the top of my pan. Uhm, ick.

So, i guess what I'm saying is that if you are coming to my house tonight for dinner, bring money to take us out to pizza. Please.

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  1. Oh great. Then I am really in trouble! I sometimes feel like I can hardly cook well here, where I have access to familiar things and don't have to deal with altitude or anything else.


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