22 July 2011

celebrating Kingsway

Last night we gathered in a beautiful hall to celebrate Kingsway School - and raise money to add to the new school's building fund.

my favorite little painting I showed you last week got auctioned off for R11500 (US$1700) !!

Well, I think they were actually bidding on the box of 16 bottles of fancy wine that came with the painting, but I'm going to stick to my story that it was the monkey painting they wanted and the wine got thrown in as a bonus.

Bongani, one of the Kingsway graduates, told his amazing story and we celebrated together how Kingsway has given him a foundation that has literally given him wings.

And the African Children's Choir performed - what a stunning honor to have them with us!

And Elvis Blue - SA Idols winner - an amazing performer and very deep and lovely guy.

it's always amazing to see my photography printed on canvas and larger than life. I think the images we chose really shared the story of Kingsway - the joy and learning and "ah-ha" moments and special tender times.

ke a laobga means "thank you" in tswana -

the rest of the pictures are on flickr - head on over and take a peek

(the link is offically fixed - sorry about that - now, click away!)

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