29 July 2011

my love and I - back to school

A photo taken from the Kingsway Gala's sweet little photo booth last week.

Class pictures. Love it.

What you can't see is my beautiful, silky, African dress - or my toe, which, at this moment i did not yet realize was bleeding all over the floor as I sat and smiled so sweetly for our portrait. We figured that out a few moments after the shutter clicked and spent the rest of the night trying to doctor it with bandaids found in the bottom corners of ladies' party purses.

A dear friend of ours is visiting this week and next, putting together a video about our family and the life we have chosen to live - and giving his gift of photography to a couple of organizations. Yesterday we spent time at a Grannies and Grandpa's club inside Zanspruit and he took some stunning portraits of everyone.

photo by Joshua Tyron

We are so chuffed that he's sharing his best with us. I can't wait to deliver these images to the grannies and grandpas next week. They are going to be blown away. They are BEAUTIFUL.

I only wish we could get some frames sponsored. Wouldn't that be special?

I'll see you on Monday - with a pocket full of pictures from a talent show in Deipsloot, an afternoon with my sweet friend, Dikeledi, and a jaunt to the rooftop crafters market.

Right now I find myself with an uncommonly quiet morning - with Josh still sleeping and Billy at a breakfast meeting that seems to be lasting through lunch. I'm off to drink a warm up of chai (a gift from our Michigan home) and thaw my fingers so I can play a little on the piano before the kids come back from their school day.

What would you do with an unexpected quiet winter morning?

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