27 September 2011

Turame - Restoring Burundi

So, I went out looking for a video about Burundi - we are going to learn about this place together since I've not yet been. What a fun surprise to find this one, made especially for Turame Microfinance Bank - this is exactly the project we are working with now. Billy has been inside the bank now for the past three weeks - using his ninja skills in computer network systems and cleaning up servers and battling viruses and untangling issues. Soon they will hire a local Burundian that Billy will begin to train to run the IT department.

I won't say much right now, he has his own stories to tell, but for today, let's all sit back and watch this video about the Turame project in Burundi and feel a little closer to this beautiful concept of microfinance and the beautiful country we are now calling home.

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