26 December 2011

Christmas Goat Bbq

Christmas in Burundi is a lot like Christmas in the States -

a special time to come together as a family - share your blessings and joy - and eat lots and lots of food.

We were super glad to be invited to share the special day with friends of ours living here in Burundi.

We laughed a lot, drank tons of Coke and Fanta Citron, and ate so much goat bbq with fried bananas (not the sweet kind, but the bready kind called ibitoki) and cabbage salad... which is what salad is here, cabbage and carrots soaked in a lemon mayo with big hunks of tomato and avo and sometimes boiled egg sitting prettily on top.

We danced - on the playlist were such varied hits as Randy Travis' "I'm Going to Love You Forever" and "I Love Rock and Roll" by Joan Jett - the theme from "Staying Alive" and great African hits like "Bread and Butter" (which we all danced the most joyful to) and "SawaSawaLe" (which we are not allowed to watch the Congolese video of unless you are over 21, and even then it's not a great idea).

Billy and I came home around 6 and skyped with the kids and the rest of our family. We had talked to them late the night before. In Michigan they were putting the finishing touches under the tree, and in Burundi we were beginning our Christmas morning with thankfulness for all the blessings we have. Then, we skyped again a very few hours later as the kids were all waking up to raid their stockings. It was a very good day like that. Lots of conversations, we got to be a part of lots of giggles and our family took lots of pictures make it seem we hadn't missed it after all.

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