29 December 2011

this mama

While visiting the meeting of a local lending group in Getega, Burundi, this mama really wanted a picture taken with her child. As she sat in her group, she signaled to me a couple of times and held her darling boy up - but each time, as soon as I picked the camera up to my eye, he burst into tears, terrified at the attention this white stranger was giving him. I get that reaction a lot in the rural lands especially. Places where little ones haven't seen such pale skin. As I sat in the shade during the 2 hour loan repayment process, I saw this mother walking her baby down the small path behind the lean-to we were using as a temporary bank. I love this image (and the one immediately following it where the little one notices me and starts sobbing again) and am excited for her to get a copy.

*Sometimes the things you don't plan, come out so much nicer than the ones you try so hard for.

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