16 December 2011


- Billy and Alex -

I've been slowly getting to know the team at Turame MicroFinance bank. The group of people Billy has been working along side for the past 4 months. They are a special gathering of people to be certain. These are the men and women who spend their every day working as accountants, tellers, human resource professionals, data entry clerks, loan officers, logistics, branch coordinators, managers and , of course, IT guys... holding the pillars of this micro finance bank in place so that Turame is able to provide loans to men and women who use those funds to build the small businesses allow their families to live. We have a few transplants, but most of the people working here are local to Burundi - and hold the beautiful hospitality so dear to this part of the world. I'm thankful for their welcome - Mwaramutse, Karibu.

- the team at Turame -

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