10 January 2012

while we are talking about family....

This last month has been lovely, Billy and I together after 3 months on separate continents. My heart aches knowing that our kids have missed him as much as I did before I got to travel this way, and still are. And now, he and I are both in Burundi, glad to be together but missing our kids terribly. It's a paradox to be sure. But we will enjoy the season we are given- this season of him and I. In our 17 years of parenting, we haven't been good at spending time just the two of us.... and I kind of like him. I am missing my children, but these days of only each other are special in their own way too. That's a really really beautiful thing after all these years.


  1. I love this shot of you two! xoxo

  2. awwww - thanks so much. The Burundian countryside is so pretty.


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