16 February 2012

she told me it's to carry water

... usually I see people carrying various sizes of yellow jerrycans full of water. Kids bring small ones to school. Laborers tie a scarf around the handle of a large one and sling it over their shoulder as they walk to work.

... in the office, people have various glass bottles on their desk to fill and refill with water each day. The first time you see someone swigging out of a Jack Daniels bottle in the office it sets you back for a moment.

... but when we were deep in the rural areas, I did see women carrying these open necked gourds around - sometimes with a cloth looped around the narrow neck to make it easy to carry. Look at these in their simplicity and beauty. Can we say this is the original East African Nalgine bottle?

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  1. Yes, you can. I love it! So beautiful. Also, I should start drinking my water from Jack Daniels bottles. ;)


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