08 February 2012

whether you are a cat lover or not....

... you have to admit that this takes an enormous amount of talent.

This is just the current project of a woman I met in Rwanda who can embroider anything - an animal, a flower, a bird - without any other visual pattern to work from than a photograph.

yup. this is in the category of 'amazing' to me.
and it nods to not only her giftings as an embroiderer, but it also makes me wonder how much un-discovered talents there are in the world. People like me who have just never tried to do something fabulous because we have machines to do it for us... or an online world of shopping resources so someone else does it (on their machines) for us.
Creativity astounds me and it inspires me - I need more of it in my life. Both from myself and from the people around me.

and now I'm done talking for the day. Heading on a little road trip to meet a Turame loan officer for an interview/story/photos - it's my favorite kind of day. Also, adding to the brilliance, It's beginning to storm ferociously over here - the wind is blowing doors open and the air is so cool and fresh with the sound of rain splashing down on the bricks and our tin carport roof. AND if that wasn't all... I bought these beautiful new black marbled dry beans yesterday from a Turame client who sells them at the market.

They are soaking right now (the beans, not the client). It may be too late to finish them before tonight's dinner, but the anticipation is fun. I mean, it's not kitty-embroidery fabulous... but we all do what we can.

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  1. I think about that a lot, too - how many people out there have talents they/we just don't know about!

    Does the embroiderer sell her work? Seems like it would be great with tourists and their photos.


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