02 February 2008

two families, six kids, NYC

Last year February , we drove to Colorado Springs to spend three weeks at an intesive cross-cultural training center. There were about 45 people total for that almost month together, sharing movies and long chats in the evenings, sleepy hellos in the mornings, bible studies, laundry, meals... and going through the same tough, core-challenging program during the days. We were all pretty broken and strengthened and messy during those weeks. The Coxes were one of the two other families that had kids our kids' ages... we walked in to the center at the same time (almost late... ) and over the next few weeks traveled through those major emotional obsitcals together that bond you quickly in to a tribe. We've been excited twice now to spend time with the Coxes in the past year... this time they drove 3 hours from their temporary home in Conneticut to spend a day with us in NYC. A day filled with laughter and exploration and encouragment to journey well by these lovely people who are on such a similar path as we are. We felt unity in the unknown, and the faith that living through that brings.

I won't post on Monday because we will be sitting in an airport in Munich all day long... and then arriving in Sicily that evening. I'm sure you can imagine what sitting in an airport pictures would look like... so I'll plan on being back here on Wednesday. See you then... from Italy!


  1. all this talk of NYC is making me very homesick. i went to NYC...i dunno....like 8x a year when i lived in North Philly.

    i'm glad you didn't go to Philly for the day or i'd be a total mess.

    can't wait to 'see' Sicily through your eyes! have fun in the AIRPORT! HA!

  2. Harrison seems to find his name everywhere you go!

    Hope you have a great flight!

  3. Harrison, your coat is perfect for Sicily, the exact same kind they wear. You'll have to speak before they know you're not Sicilian....oh, yeah, you kind of are.
    I'm so excited about you all coming that yesterday I made chocolate chip cookies. Now I'm giving them away because I want to make cookies with you all not for you.
    See you tomorrow.
    Mom and Grammy


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