04 February 2008

at the airport in Munich

... we are here for a long, long time.

If you are peeking in on Monday, then you are here with us. I took this picture of Bill(y) not 90 seconds ago. As I'm sitting across the asile writing, he still looks just like that.... all curled up on the chairs sleeping. I think he's adorable. Although I am a little jealous of his slumber. The flight to get here was a long. long night. and we have a wait that is just as long before our next plane takes us to Italy. We are all exhausted.

We just finished watching Bridge to Terabithia. Darn if it didn't make me cry again. We are saving an episode of Mythbusters for later this evening. We'll be here till 8:00 pm... reading books and playing cards and video games and munching on trail mix. On recomendation from Shauna, I am reading "The Alchemist" by Paulo Coelho. Brilliant.

We'll be here all day.

What are you doing today??

XO - the dicoccos


We are still here.

Just in case you were wondering... It's true.


  1. My layovers in London seem to always be 12 hours. I walk around and around and around. I look for the showers, then I walk some more.

    Today I am staring out the window and the newly fallen snow. I'm teaching Spanish 1 how to use ir+a+infinitivve (voy a comer = I'm going to eat). And Spanish 3 is getting a refresher lesson. They're so lazy.

  2. Trace, you are such a great photographer. You make a layover in Munich look amazing!

  3. uhm... I'm not feeling the amazing bit... more like absolutely bored. But that is mostly because i am too tired to go exploring.

  4. Thanks for the link to this so we can keep up on your adventures! I was so sorry to miss the farewell event...we never got to say a proper goodbye. Love this picture, Tracy! Can't wait to read more. Blessings, The Kranzes

  5. You are right...Billy does look like he is catching some good slumber. I hope your travels continue to go well. We miss you! Oh...and nice photos!

    Doug & Julie

  6. What a neat way to stay in contact with all of us! Great pictures Tracy! I've been thinking...and praying a lot about you all lately. Sorry I missed the goodbye sendoff!! Have fun in Italy.
    Love & Prayers,
    Kathy Weidmann (formerly Brennan) :)

  7. I miss you too.

    It's 6:00 in Munich... only an hour and a half left!

    My turn for a snooze on that bench. Doesn't it look cozy?

  8. 1. Glad you found the "kinder eggs"... a personal favorite.
    2. "God, please bless them with 'sparkle' today."
    3. May your vision for the future bring you through any pains of transformation (and transportation).

    Much love,
    Dan Van De Steeg

  9. We miss you all so very much. Hope your travel continues to be safe and a touch more restful. Thinking and praying for you all the time. Tell the kids our kids say "Hello".

    Love, The Olson Family

  10. I love this new blog! It's wonderful to see how your life has unfolded in the last couple weeks.

    Trace, your kids are beautiful.

    I'm glad you're getting some rest.

  11. funny. those chairs don't look german.

  12. HELLO!!! We are so glad that your flights have been going well so far...even though you are tired!!! Thanks so much for taking some time with us while you were in NJ. It meant so much to Jose and I to see you and have some time to talk. All of our prayers are with you all and sweet dreams to you!!!
    Lots of Love!
    Marybeth and Jose...and bailey!

  13. but what was in the kinder eggs??

  14. Miss Micha says " Uncle Billy is sleeping on my pillow"

  15. ugh, i do not envy you the airport drudgery. i have many a fond (nightmarish) memory of naps taken on uncomfortable benches and the deluge of travelers.

    you are stronger folk than I

  16. I had a feeling it would be worth sneaking a peek, a late night sneak a peek. I should be in bed right now sleeping for you since I can.

    At first glance I thought Bill was sleeping on his laptop which knowing Bill is slightly believable. Your boy is adorable; you should keep him!

    I too am curious, what's the yellow stuff in the middle? Putt,putt partner, let me in on the secret.

    I saw the RR show for the first time this morning, thought of Mad, her savy for cooking, and your travels to Sicily, of course. You know, her whole kitchen is inspired by this fabulous piece of art ~ a tile that she and her husband bought streetside their first time to Sicily. Her tile backsplash was strikingly similar to your masterpiece tile work at Cambridge. Remember that project. That's the kind of project that comes from your sparkle. I pray that you have lots of splases of color and that your sparkle splashes color all over the place. Soak in the color of Italy and Sicily and practice sparkling. Bella, Bella you are beautiful ~ may you feel it deep in your soul. Your sparkle will come and it will serve you well in South Africa.

  17. Hooray... I'm supposed to be posting pics of our first day here in Sicily... but I'm sitting here instead, washed over by your words, and your love.

    First... YEAH that Dan knows kinder-eggs too! Thanks to Josh for introducing them to us on a drive through Canada. A kinder-egg is a chocolate egg shell with a toy inside, usually one you have to construct yourself. This time, we got two cars and a little airplane.

    Soon afterwards, the big airplane took us to Sicily - and we all slept in till NOON on Tuesday and were greeted by a party of monumental proportions! Images to come... in just a minute.


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