10 March 2008

After a long silence, we are ready to say we are in South Africa

Internet is expensive here... and until we get our own lines, we are at the mercy of generous people letting us use thier connections, or the special at Mugg and Bean that allows us 10 free minutes every day if we can get out there. Our beginnings here have been sweet... and they have been difficult. We have much to learn, much to experience, much to grow in to... but for now, we are fully aware of how beautiful life is and how much of it we want to soak in and be able to give out freely.

A traditional dance troupe performing at the Rooftop Market. Avery and I sat on the ground and watched them story-dance for half an hour.

The guard who lives on the Emthonjeni site in the tribal homeland KwaNdebele is very proud of his shack... and his dog and the puppies she will have soon. It is a two and a half hour drive out there, but we promised we'd come back soon to see the puppies and spend some more time with him. We'll have to make a plan.


  1. yay!!! you guys finally made it. man that took FOREVER, that must have been one long drive from G.R. to Emthonjenl. glad you're all there safe and sound.

  2. Ha! Yes it was a long drive! That must have been why it's been so long. You , my friend Chris, win the prize for checking in even when we have been away! Thanks man.

  3. Long drive! ;) Nice Chris!!

    Missing you tons!

    We're all glad you're there safe!

    (((Big huge hugs!!)))

  4. Glad to hear you made it safe!! BEAUTIFUL pictures Tracy. Your talent continues to amaze me!!!

    hugs & Prayers!!

    Kathy Weidmann


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